BIF Blankets And Leads - Custom Sized Lure Coursing Slip Leads And Blankets

We started our Basenji adventure in the competitive Obedience ring, titling five of our dogs, three of them with advanced degrees.  We coursed them before ASFA permitted them to compete in sanctioned trials, participated in tracking, some agility and occasional excursions in the breed ring.  Over the years, we made most of our own equipment, including regulation jumps, dumbbells, scent articles, slip leads, show leads, coats, pipe-beds . . . just about anything.

     Both of us are woodworkers.  I've sewn for over 50 years.  A retired work-a-holic, and as I can no longer attend or participate in shows and trials, I began our studio through Artfire .
I hope you like our stuff as much as I have enjoyed making it for you.

     My husband Michael and I have been owned by 19 Basenjis, over the past 40 years.  We have a deep love and appreciation for these intelligent, curious and always entertaining dogs.    Currently, we share our lives with three: Promise and her litter brother Connor, who will be eleven in December and Gracie, a six year old red brindle and our principal model.    These three are our first pets, the other 16 had to work for a living!    We enjoy their antics immensely, especially Promise and Connor's laser pointer addiction.  Watching those two spazz out, chasing the mighty and elusive red dot, drives poor Gracie to the nearest lap as she makes no sense of their queer behaviors.    

Connor                     MzGracie,                               Promise