welded steel - nickle or chrome plated.  No brass plating.  Eventually, we may explore color coatings as well.     I collect Jacquard ribbons, so we can offer high quality, woven Jacquard ribbons from all over the world.  We have well over 700 designs, tastefully matched to include the color of the nylon webbing we construct our leads with.   All leads are lined with either organic, 100% cotton or bamboo fleece or velour, or other cotton / poly fleece or velours in many colors.  We prefer to make the lining as 'cushy' as possible to protect your dog's neck.      

One way to place the collar on your dog's neck, thread the lead and make the 'cinch' knot.


Celtic Origins

  gap shown.  This is why we suggest the circumference of your dog's neck, directly behind the ears, as a good measurement for the actual collar size, minus 1/2 to 3/4 inch to keep the dog from backing out of the collar as some breeds are famous for doing.

To make this knot, pull the lead through the free ring end of the collar, then loop it back where the lead attaches to the collar, as shown in the picture.  Try to keep the collar low on the neck as it makes the cinch knot more effective.

Europa Ribbons

     I've had a love affair with Europa Ribbons for nearly 20 years.  Woven in Japan, I was taken aback by the quality of these woven ribbons because of their intricate designs, pure color and excellent quality.  My pictures don't even do them justice!

     These ribbons are the last of a carefully chosen, extensive  collection purchased from Europa as they closed their, doors over 14 years ago.  Some of the designs have been copied and used by other ribbon manufacters although the quality isn't the same.  This is a limited offering of these lovely ribbons.   

Welcome to the world of Lure Coursing! 

This is the one competitive dog sport we do for our dogs . . .  and they love it!

      BIF (Best In Field) Blankets and Leads, home of custom made lure coursing slips and blankets, became an internet business in 2011 when we opened a studio in ArtFire.   I retired from government service at the close of 2010, and decided to start this internet adventure as it could be done at home,  allowing me to spend more time with my two beloved matron Basenjis; Promise and Gracie as well as our Jack Russell girls, Samantha and Abigail.  I've always enjoyed making my own equipment and would sell it at trials while I was showing in Obedience or coursing my Basenjis.  The internet has provided a new venue for our stuff and we are reaching more folks who might be interested in our functional, durable  and well built equipment, designed to last. 

     At BIF (Best In Field) Blankets and Leads, home of custom made lure coursing slips and blankets, Dog safety and comfort are our primary concerns although we do want our patrons to be happy with their purchase.  Keep in mind, I make everything and I don't sell anything I wouldn't use on my own dogs. 

     As I'm responsible for this website, there's bound to be a few mistakes, here and there and from time to time as I cope with blonde, senior moments!  Keep in mind I am always working on this webpage, so it may disappear for short periods as I continue to tweek it.

Check out directly from here. Fast. Secure. Simple.



Blankets - (made from 95% cotton, 5% lycra)

AKC & ASFA Regulation colors (YEL,PNK,BLU) YEL/PNK, YEL/BLU, Two colors, DBL sided set of two

LGRA (RED 1, BLU 2, WHT 3, GRN 4) set of four, single color, dbl sided

NOTRA (RED 1, BLU 2, WHT 3, GRN 4, BLK 5, YEL 6) set of 6, single color, double sided

Custom Sized Lure Coursing Slip Leads

      At BIF (Best In Field) Blankets and Leads, home of custom made lure coursing slips and blankets, our custom sized, lure coursing slip leads are available in three types:  single d-ring, double d-ring or as a quick release (QRSL is limited to neck sizes of 16 inches or larger).   Our slips are constructed using robust nylon webbing, available in many colors, and  and several weights.  The hardware we use is solid, cast brass, or cast nickle or   

Hubby's right finger is holding the loop of the lead threaded through the free ring end.  His left hand has the excess lead gathered in it.  You should practice releasing the collar on a calf or thigh, to gauge the behavior of the collar as it slides away from your dog's neck.   Also, use each hand in practice to see which one is the most comfortable to release the loop.

Liturgical and Ecclesiastical

Custom Ribbons

     Still in the developmental stages, I am creating and embroidering ribbons on Kona Cottons  or custom dyed ultra suede to match or compliment our nylon colors.  I use Madeira classic rayon, polyneons and metallic threads for rendering these highly personalized pieces of art.       

     Our, BIF (Best In Field) Blankets and Leads, home of custom made lure coursing slips and blankets, ERIBs are made from original or stock designs.  Accent charms are also available. I make embroidered ribbons with Kennel / call names, breed motifs, tapestry type and have made slips or martingales with custom lettering for trophies.  I enjoy custom projects and this is a growing portion of BIF Blankets and Leads, with almost endless possibilities!

Muscle Shirts - (made from Lycra or Mystique spandex)

AKC & ASFA Regulation colors (YEL,PNK,BLU) set of three

LGRA (RED 1, BLU 2, WHT 3, GRN 4) set of four
NOTRA (RED 1, BLU 2, WHT 3, GRN 4, BLK 5, YEL 6) set of 6

      At BIF (Best In Field) Blankets and Leads, home of custom made lure coursing slips and blankets, our blankets are made from 95% cotton and 5% lycra.  This is lovely jersey with excellent pigment and durability.  There are many types of closure we offer.  Each blanket has four, reinforced, sewn in elastic supported loops - two at the neck and two at the girth.  These loops allow easy belt /  tie replacements, without having to replace the blanket itself.  Belts are available as double sided velcro or soft cotton for the neck closure.  For the girth, we offer velcro, cotton or nylon belting or a combination of both. For ties, we attach the belts with tri-glides to help manage belt length.  A nylon loop is sewn on both sides of the blanket (at the back) to capture the ties and hold the blanket in place.  The girth belts/ ties are always cut long to allow for criss-cross tying.  Our blankets also allow more than one dog to use them.  We also offer velcro in colors to match the blanket.  Large landing zones are sewn on both sides to provide easy access.  Please include your preference after I have contacted you about your order, usually within 24 hours, after I've been notified by ArtFire or via email.

BIF Blankets And Leads

Custom Sized Lure Coursing Slip Leads And Blankets

Close up of Gracie's neck showing the 'cinch' knot you can make for conducting your hound on and off of the field.  For this knot to be effective, you have to have, at least, the ring   to    ring 

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       Like our slip leads, the martingale collars are well padded.  At BIF (Best In Field) Blankets and Leads, home of custom made lure coursing slips and blankets, we use a swivel between the noose and lead section, which keeps your dog from tying itself into a knot.  Martingale collars are sized to be slightly smaller than the circumference of your dog's neck (behind the ears) and the noose, at it's most open, is wider than the outermost measurement of the width of your dog's head, so the collar slips easily over the dog's head.  You simply move the ring down the noose to cinch the collar into a comfortable position.

Using a swivel also allows us to offer leather as an alternative for the lead.  I braid the leather on each end and install Chicago screws hold the end tabs.  The leather is high quality Latigo, usually 9-11oz weight and vegetable tanning.  The dyes are non-bleeding.  Currently, we have black, brown and ox blood.   All leads are conditioned with Neets Foot oil.

I love Latigo as is softens with age but is tough.  A little care goes a long way.  Most of my obedience leads are over 25 years old.

For more information or to make a purchase, please click on the link below.

Proper threading of lead portion.  Note the spacing between the rings.  The collar is sitting as shown in the photo above.  Hubby actually has Gracie between his legs, which is not uncommon for those of us who release Basenjis.

Lure Coursing Muscle Shirts  and Blankets

     Our Muscle Shirts are made from the finest plain lycra and Mystique spandex I have ever sewn with.  Excellent fabric memory and color.  We use four way stretch spandex.  Our Mystique Glitz shirts have micro reflective 'mirrors', making the shirts glitter.  These are the perfect coursing shirts for the discriminating sighthound fashionista who wants to make a bold statement on the field.

Click on the link below for additional information or to place an order using our ArtFire Studio!

Our Martingales

     Martingale leads are a collar and leash in one unit.  The size of the collar is governed by the noose, which is controlled by a solid brass or zinc tri-ring.  We also make our own beads from material I use for my writing pens which can be used as noose rings.  All of our martingales can be made into slip leads and our slip leads can be made into martingales - it's just a difference in hardware.  We use 2 inch to 1 inch nylon hardware adapters for the collar ends although d-rings can also be used.  I prefer the metal nylon adapters because they 'hug' the neck better than d-rings and take up less collar length.